Friday, April 5, 2019

My Business Plan 2019: One of the most important documents of any business and it's benefits.

Virtually every entrepreneur's business vision needs a clear and detailed business plan because having a good idea is not just enough without penning it down to shape your ideas for easy formulation and execution.
Once you decides to make the commitment to start up a business of your choice and of any kind, the next thing in mind is to plan and draft out a business plan of whatever you intend doing. Lack of proper planning and implementation is one of the most reasons why some business fail.

As it's said, failure to plan is planning to fail.

Having a well documented and strategic business plan that defines and focuses on your business ideas should be the first aim of any organization, company or entrepreneur because that is one of the most important documents that directs and leads the business in implementing the strategic plan to make your business idea work, it also speaks and represents the business.

There are benefits of having a  well documented and strategic business plan as an entrepreneur which i mentioned a few earlier. Business plans are mostly written to obtain additional funds whether to raise money for business by securing investors or capitals from financial institutions.
Having a plan helps you recognise some pitfalls or mistakes in your business which calls for amendments.
It's also a way of convincing yourself and other people how serious and determined you're with to take off with this business.

Honestly, creating a business plan involves a lot of thought and time to put things together. Some many things are considered like what you actually wants to do,what you want to accomplish and your aim or goals of achieving this depending on the kind of business you're venturing into.
 There should be short term and long term goals for a start tho the plan can be amended with time.

I first wrote my business plan early this year when I participated in one online giveaway( on Instagram that I was scammed because it was one of the requirements needed that was why I wrote my business plan. I have a blog already before then, but I didn't see it of any importance to have a business plan till that giveaway tho my financial plan wasn't really detailed in the plan because it was based on the giveaway.

Below is the PDF file of my business plan.

Finally, am only advising business owners and up coming entrepreneurs to have a business plan because it helps especially for beginners in directing and focusing on their ideas which can later be adjusted with time in the plan for improvement and a better results.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Thinking About What It Actually Means To Enjoy Life: The Five tiny things that makes me extremely happy.

Today is mother's Sunday and I want to use this opportunity to celebrate and appreciate my lovely mum and other mothers all over the world because you truly deserve every bit of honor and accolades.
My mother my everything, my source and my happiness, much love to you mum.
I pray that the Good lord in his infinite mercies will keep and preserve you to reap the fruits of your labor.

OK, back to my reason for this post which is analysing what it actually means to enjoy life.
Enjoyment by Collins English Dictionary is the feeling of pleasure and satisfaction that you have when you do or experience something that you like.
From the meaning, enjoyment is all about taking pleasure in something or enjoying what you like.

Coming down to enjoying life, that means it has to do with the satisfaction that you get after doing something. Often I do hear people say, " I want to enjoy my life first before anything " whenever I hear this, I do ask myself what exactly is enjoying life. Seriously, am kind of confused about this statement but am glad today as the priest that celebrated mass today said something like that about enjoying life and what he said left me thinking.

People differs so does our likes and dislikes, this enjoying of life is based on individual differences but generally I have noticed that most young people term enjoying life as the freedom to do whatever they like without being questioned by anybody about their actions. They want that space to experiment, explore and try new things of different nature whether good or bad.

Honestly, on a second thought, I realised that what most  people mean by enjoying life is flexing around spending money, partying, smoking, sleeping around etc because they feel that's what is missing in their that they want to try doing before anything next inround,.
Rarely do young people who say "I want to enjoy life" mean their career, their families, their hobbies, church, studies etc because those things are seen as the normal things to do presently or in future which we have to find happiness in doing them so most people don't find it pleasurable that's why they make the statement "I want to enjoy my life first before anything next in life".

The five tiny things that makes me extremely happy.
When someone is sensitive and considerate about people's feelings.
Not being stressed and I like sleeping.
I like using my phone and like discussions with my friends.
I like being comfortable with my life anywhere I find myself.
I like when am cared for.

In conclusion, enjoying life can be anything provided that is what gives you satisfaction after doing them, it can be your achievements or the other way round, whichever one it maybe just remember to be conscious of the kind of life you live and try as much as you can to balance your life (emotionally, financially, socially, spiritually, physically and other wise.)

Happy Sunday dear, my selfie today after church.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

One True Way Of Putting Your Past Behind You: How to improve your ability to strategize when dealing with problems.

My dear, I don't think there are rules or guidelines to putting your past behind you. Sincerely, this is a general problem that affects everyone including me. It's a difficult thing to do, is easy to forgive but not easy to forget so is something your work on by yourself if you decides to.
It all depends on you to try and forget your past. Avoid things that brings back those memories for a while in order to help and try not to think about it or bring it up in conversations at least this might help.

We all have our past and some things we wouldn't want to remember tho it will be difficult to forget. I personally, have some memories I don't think I can ever forget and I believe is the same way for other people.
There was something mean I have experienced that I wouldn't want anyone to experience. OK, the experience I am talking about was rape and am glad and grateful to God that I wasn't raped because I escaped by jumping from one floor to another floor in that building. Honestly, that is not a good experience that I wish for anybody at all especially young girls that are still coming up.
I have also noticed that most girls has had one or two experiences on this rape issue tho I won't go into details about this particular case, it should be a story for another day.

How to improve your ability to strategize when dealing with problems.
This is just a brief summary of whatever detailed strategy that is involved.

Number one is to always read to get knowledge and be informed to learn from other people's experience and strategies.
Secondly, is to work on yourself to become a better person that you want to be. Practice makes perfect, practice the things you learn and know what works for you.

Finally, when dealing with people who are mean to you for no reason, just act normal like you don't notice their attitude towards you and this is actually my publishing comment in form of advice.

Always making new memories better than the ones I made in the past. Saving my memories with style 😍😍😍😍
That beautiful smile that can be infectious.
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Monday, March 25, 2019

The Escape Route To The Top: what is your way out to be successful in life.

I didn't have it in mind to write this post but thank God, visiting my lovely brother yesterday was not in vain. This post title is actually his words that I put together from the talk he gave me tho he was actually giving me advice that turned to be lecture.

Am glad I grabbed few things from my brother yesterday and that's what I want to share with you.
There is a big question mark on a lot of peoples mind if not virtually everyone. From the way the world is moving and changing, people tend to look for an escape route to fit in the society while most people ask "what is the way out?", some are searching for answers and solutions to this big question.

Everybody's destiny and calling is not the same that's why we have different careers in life. Due to high search of a way out, people follow different kinds of escape route, which I will list out below.
Information and Technology (internet)
Illegal means

Take time to look at the life of some successful people or even the richest men in the world, you will observe that there is no specific route to success. Some made it through education, some talents or business in order words am trying to say that, this is a fight you fight for yourself by searching and find the solution to your own route.
If the other doesn't favour you then try another because that might be your way out of poverty, being distinguished is the fight to the top.
From the way the society is operating presently, I believe is all about what you can offer to the society positively that will distinguish you from others.

Coming down to my country on this particular issue, I feel entrepreneur is the major thing on point. Building your own source of income whether through skill acquisition, talent, business, making use of opportunities online just like am doing out through your educational career, whichever one you use but the most important thing is finding a way out.

Finally, the question still stands for you to ask yourself "what is the way forward?" One thing is knowing your problem and the other is finding a solution to it, so the next thing on your mind should be how to make use this information to empower yourself.

That smile when you have a make up artist as a friend. #facemodelling #facebeat.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

See The Best Piece Of Bad Advice: The smallest mistake I would love to point out.

Advice is something that is very common in our society so I don't really need to explain that before penning down what i want to write because am kind of lazy to do that,tho this article is just like an advice.
Neglecting little things that you think, doesn't matter is one of the smallest mistake if not the major mistakes people do because they become matter arising later in future.

One thing that drives me absolutely crazy, but I hold it in is when someone is criticizing another for something I know he or she is also guilty of. The truth is that, we have to let go of expectations in life to avoid unnecessary disappointment and heartbreak so we have to start first by not expecting and changing our mindset about life, to help work with what we have and also have a positive attitude.

Am not surprised about people being selfish because is normal. Sometimes, am so angry at myself while being so sad about a particular situation I put myself into. Being angry is one and being sad is another because is yourself and you can't help it. That's the love we have for ourselves that we have to deal with each time something is wrong.

The best piece of advice is to be careful with whatever you're doing whether good or bad and don't over do things. Do whatever you want to do moderately. All these points I made are still advice in a way.

In conclusion, advice is advice and everyone needs advice whether good or bad. Read more on advice, the article I wrote on elephant journal.
The link below is the reason why advice is meant for everyone

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

The Major Things I Don't Understand: my thoughts and feelings about my day is a story.

I just don't understand why some things are difficult to comprehend, some things are so complicated, contradicted and mysterious.
Life in general.
Existence of the world and life after death.
Mystery of God.
These are the major things I don't understand, I keep asking myself some questions that are not answered. I was just thinking about different things especially how life can favour some people and don't to some people.

Yesterday I went to a hospital with my friend to submit my application for my industrial training tho my friend accompanied me to check up on hers because she submitted her own last year November. I was surprised today when I received a call from the hospital to come to their office on Friday but they didn't call my friend that submitted since so my friend had to call them to complain after I told her I got a call and she was also told to come that day tho not the same time as mine.
Anyways that's life for you, similar things like this happen on a daily basis is just by God's grace.

Am so stressed out today in school with a lot on my mind. Hmm, just imagining how my day will be tomorrow. I wonder how I will cope with this stress without breaking down. I believe things will get better for me because his grace got me.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

My No Reminder List:Something that I am needed to be told once and I will always remember it.

Most times we tend to forget some things we are told to, and I believe is because we don't have that in mind due to interest, and the funny thing is that there are some things we don't need to be reminded of because we won't forget. For instance I will use money as an example, is general. You don't need to be reminded that someone is owing you a huge amount of money and you don't need to be reminded to come and collect your money.

Seriously, this happens to virtually everyone no matter how occupied your brain is that makes it you forget things, there will always be some or few things you don't need to be reminded of because you won't forget.
Something that I  am needed to be told once and I will always remember it.

Whenever someone, whether family or friends says, to me money, gifts and food. Seriously, I don't need to be remembered about it because I won't forget it.

Whenever am given assignment or I have a quiz in school, I will always remember to do that once am told because is about school.

I like discussion and gist ehh so I don't forget when someone says I will gist you about something that happened. Ahh, I will remember it because I like story.

OK, I don't want to think a lot on this that's why I wrote only the ones I remembered. The next question should be, have you asked yourself why is these like that? Is because of the kind of interest and value we have for a particular thing.
You might think it doesn't happen to you because I didn't mention something that is actually your " no reminder"and I understand that, am aware this is not well detailed and besides I can't mention everything in case if you're not in money category tho is rare shaa.

Finally, if you're sincere and observant to yourself you will see you must've noticed something of this kind before about your memory or if you've not noticed this then begin to be conscious of your memory you will get what I mean about this post.

Saving my memories here.