Friday, April 3, 2020

What Is Your Advice For Jobless Graduate? Feel free to drop job offers in the comment section or links that might help.

I will be straight with you by saying, "go and fix your yourself somewhere in the system." I want to assume that you've searched for a suitable job based on your certificate or qualifications but couldn't find any, then try other minor jobs that is available with a pay no matter how small or probably start a small business of your interest with the little resources you have and grow with time while you keep searching for your dream.

The most important thing now for you is to find something doing rather than being jobless. Take your time to think of what to do that is worth your time.  You can start by browsing online about jobs or better still get into any online business which is actually the trend now. Anyway, this is your choice to make not mine, just chipping in.

Honestly, I haven't gotten mine straight tho am not yet a graduate but soon to become one and am a bit scared of the next step to take in my life. Writing this, is more like talking to myself too, so you don't have to feel like I got my shit together. The only difference is that am trying, so do you if really you're. I might've sounded a bit serious or angered at the beginning which is what it's but is only because am kind of pained about people being jobless especially around me. Am aware the economy is bad and we all are trying our best to live a better life besides who wants to suffer or rather who doesn't like good things? 

I feel concerned because it bothers me a lot, is quite alarming and really needs to be looked into probably by the Government or whoever that cares. Am in my finals about to graduate but remembering the fact that my elder sister that has graduated doesn't have a job till now scares more than my future. Please my dear people of God be guided and help each other to achieve our dreams.

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Feel free to drop job offers in the comment section or links that might help.

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The picture below was when I did my STUDENT INDUSTRIAL WORK EXPERIENCE SCHEME defence.

I thank God for his grace upon my life and for seeing me through this period. One defence down already.